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LANGSTON, is a full-color printed lifestyle magazine that reaches attendees at Langston Golf Conservancy events and donors. It highlights Langston Golf Course updates and “Friends of Langston” professional, social, and philanthropic news. The publication will also serve up related articles on golf history and trailblazers, gourmet food, wine and spirits, in addition to premier and exclusive education and entertainment offerings.



We appreciate your interest in advertising with LANGSTON magazine. Please submit payment above or if you have questions, send an email of interest to to receive information about promoting your brand in the targeted market of supporters of the Langston Golf Course Conservancy.

Print copies will be mailed to all "Friends of Langston" and donors who contribute at least $100 annually.

Full Page Advertising Rate:

$750 ($950 for inside cover or back cover)

Finished Size:

Advertising Inquiries:

How to Subscribe:

Print copies will be mailed to all "Friends of Langston" and donors who contribute at least $100 annually.


LANGSTON, is the official magazine of the Langston Golf Course Conservancy, Washington D.C.'s newest environmentally- and historically-focused golf organization. The four-color, saddle stitched publication will be printed on 70-pound gloss stock and handed out at seasonal events, on display at the Langston Golf Course clubhouse, and mailed to "Friends of Langston," reaching thousands of readers. The magazine will serve the "Friends of Langston" in many ways, telling their stories, deepening community connections, informing about upcoming events and reporting on benefactor accomplishments, adventures and philanthropic acts outside of the Conservancy community. LANGSTON will be published at least twice annually and will also be available online.

Editorial Submissions:
The Conservancy produces its own editorial content, as well as accepts copy and photographs from staff and "Friends." Its primary objectives are to inform its supporters of upcoming events and report on their accomplishments and activities. Every article submitted for the magazine or calendar is edited to magazine style guidelines.

Past Features

Remembering Lee Elder

Looking Back at the Langston Junior Boys and Girls Golf Club

Langston Golf Course's American Odyssey

Acquaintances discuss the life and legacy of Lee Elder who died in 2021 at the age of 87 and is remembered as an inspiration to many young men and women of color for becoming the first Black golfer to play in the Masters competition, among other contributions. 

Langston Junior Boys and Girls Golf Club (LJRGC) was originally established in 1990 under the umbrella of the nationally based “Hook-a-Kid-on-Golf " program. In 1997, the organization applied for and received its own non-profit designation and hosts 200 boys and girls every summer from late-June through August in Langston Junior’s programs.

Located atop an abandoned city dump in Northeast DC, Langston—named after John Mercer Langston, Howard University’s first law school dean and the first black man from Virginia elected to Congress—opened in 1939 with grass missing and just nine holes. (The other nine were added in 1955.) From these humble beginnings, Langston developed into one of the most important Black golf courses in America- serving as the center of a vibrant community of players and clubs (such as Wake Robin and Royal G.C.), host of prominent UGA tournaments, and a place to see-and-be-seen for African American celebrities, politicians and talented golf pros.

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