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FRIENDS OF LANGSTON (Individual Supporters of the Conservancy's Mission)

  • Emmanuel Bailey
  • LaMont & Kelli Baxter
  • Marlinda Boxley
  • Leslie Branson
  • Paula Carlotti
  • Audra Cunningham
  • Barry Curtis
  • Darrell Darnell
  • Patrice Davenport
  • Dwayne Davis
  • Craig Dean
  • Chip Ellis
  • Derek Ford
  • Dexter Gaines
  • Alvin Gross
  • Delicia Gunn
  • Michelle Hagans
  • Joigie Hayes (Circle of Friends)
  • Victor Holt
  • Lester Hosten, MD
  • Cheo Hurley
  • Jermaine Johnson
  • Kim Jones
  • Bernard Joseph
  • Drs. Dale & Georgianna Kates
  • Walter Kirkland
  • Dallas Lea, MD
  • Curtis Lewis
  • Alfred Liggins III
  • Richard Peter Martin
  • Paul Maylone
  • Omar McIntosh
  • Robert Newman
  • Leonard Palmer
  • Keith Perry
  • James Price
  • Robert Prince
  • Dwayne Rawlings
  • Anthony Roberts, MD
  • Colin Rock (Golden Decade Foundation)
  • Joseph A.C. Smith
  • Paul Spence
  • Stephen Taylor, Esq.
  • Joseph Thieman
  • Robert Thorne
  • Charles Vincent, MD
  • Jackie Waidmann
  • Desirée Walker (Road2Par)
  • Brendon Walsh, Esq.
  • Jason Wiles
  • David Wilmot, Esq.
  • Greg Winfree
  • Jason Zeigler

Donation Information: Contributions to the Langston Golf Course Conservancy are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please see your tax advisor for details. Donors may also send gifts directly to National Links Trust, the 501(c)(3) organization authorized by the National Park Service to manage Langston Golf Course.


Your support as a Friend of Langston can help accelerate funding for those improvements at Langston Golf Course not included in the near-term master planning. Projects currently under consideration at this time include improved cart paths, drainage mitigation, tee box signage, permanent scoreboard, and entrance landscaping, among other projects. 

"Friends" Mission Statement:
The "Friends of Langston" advocate for and support continuing enhancements and upgrades to the course to assure it fulfills its legacy as a premier and historic golf course.


How You Can Help:
There are a number of ways that you can get involved with the Langston Golf Course Conservancy. You may become a "Friend of Langston" by donating $500 or more. This charitable contribution is unequivocally stating that you want your golf course’s legacy as a premier and historic recreation and meeting venue to continue. Special benefits as our Friend include: a commemorative gift; pre-event notices and invitations, donor recognition in various publications including LANGSTON Magazine, and an invitation to the Lee Elder Memorial Golf Charity Classic and other tournaments.


Printed Hardcopy of LANGSTON Magazine

Friends of Langston
Golf League

Event Discounts and Exclusive Networking Opportunities

LANGSTON, is a full-color glossy lifestyle magazine that reaches attendees at Langston Golf Conservancy events and donors. It highlights Langston Golf Course updates and “Friends of Langston” professional, social, and philanthropic news. The publication will also serve up related articles on golf history and trailblazers, gourmet food, wine and spirits, in addition to premier and exclusive education and entertainment offerings.

The Conservancy plans to form a league in the area exclusively for "Friends of Langston."  We are looking to recruit an informal group that goes out at the same time each weekend to get the group started.

"Friends of Langston" receive VIP upgrades to tournament registrations and discounted event tickets. Each "Friend of Langston" will have their name published on this webpage and LANGSTON magazine and will receive an array of related membership benefits including merchandise, and access to private events and special networking opportunities.

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